Reply To: User cant change booking. Urgent!

I did purchase this plugin after a lot of research for the best plugin to do the job. Two of the main requirements was the “Auto approve” AND “User edit control”.
For me it’s now unusable and my client will be very disappointed. I doubt that I can launch the site and get paid for my work.
Since I paid for this plugin I’m not satisfied with “but that won’t happen in near future”. Because you don’t have any documentation stating that it is not possible to auto update with the “User edit control”.
So I think you can make some effort to solve my problem!!!

Like you said your self. It makes no sense not to have auto approve in the “User edit control”. Because they can block out a recource anyhow.

Why not use the code for the regular “Submit” button in the “User edit control” or something like that.

I need you to provide me with a “hack”. I can paste the code in there myself.