Reply To: When I have search form and book from on same page, calendars don't work

Basically you would want this in case you want to allow your customers to have the possibility to search for other resources while you are at the internal resource page trying to book something.

For example, I am at an internal resource page where I have this booking form. If I don’t like what I read about this resource I may want to run another search to see other possibilities.

In our case we are implementing a hotel website. We have put the search box in the header, so it’s visible across the site. We moved the DIV where the results are loaded into the template, so at any page of the site you can do a search for rooms on your desired dates.

Therefore you do the search, you get the search results page, click on one resource to get to the room details.
And here you see the room description, the calendar with booked and available dates and the booking form.
You also see the global search control on the header.

And this is what makes this set up not to work, the dates within the booking form don’t work due to the global search control.