Reply To: When I have search form and book from on same page, calendars don't work


This is the code I inserted for searchform

[easy_search style=”1″ theme=”list” submit_button=”Search” reserve_text=”Reserve now!” width=”100″ form_url=”” resourcename=”Room” start=”1″ searchdirectly=”1″ unavail=”1″ image=”1″ img_x=”100″ img_y=”100″ price=”1″ availability=”1″ more=”1″ content=”500″ calendar=”15″ calendar_mode=”none”]

then you can see this is the error I got:-

It stated no arrival field. What does this mean?

2. Are there anywhere to change the label in my Booking Form that instead of using Resources, can I change to Tour Package? I know for widget I can do it, but booking form I don’t know how.

3. Are they anyway to show my customer on the calculation to get the final price? For example those airlines website where they have breakdown on the fuel charges, taxes, etc etc to get the Final Price.