Reply To: winter and summer with weekly and monthly rates – can't get this to work

firstly sorry for your bad experience. I get an ridiculous amount of mails and can’t even read the long ones anymore as I wouldn’t have enough time to answer them anyway. If it’s not obviously from a premium user I just go on to the next one. As stated in the contact form it’s not for support. Better post here.

Now to your problem. In the next version (and it’s available beta) I’ve merged time and conditional filters which will help a lot to set this up properly. With it you can define the range of date for your two seasons and then add additionally the condition if it’s a week or longer or if it’s a month or longer and give the appropriate discount. Totally that would be six filters, or five if you use the base price for one season.

I haven’t experienced or got reports of any bugs when editing filters. If you still notice it in the beta please post here.