Reply To: Woothemes Canvas

firstly please keep the conversation about a topic in one thread. My answer is on all three.

Maybe you got the way stylesheets work wrong, but beside of iframes it’s not possible to make them independent as you can’t predict how any of the hundreds stylesheet properties in the unlimited different theme structures will influence your element how. And there’s the additional problem that sometimes all choices you have are bad in any of the different structures. The “standards” you are talking about are more about alignment and readability and not about “make your styles that they work in any theme and any plugin”.

I’m constantly working on improving them, in fact a few great steps have been made in the recent past that you can try in the beta.
You never answered in the first thread so I thought deleting the lines had fixed it. Let’s fix the problem instead of arguing about how it should be, okay? Firstly try the beta and post the link to the form here.