Reply To: WPML not registering strings on search bar and search results

Line 272 in search.php of your search module, replaced the original line with:

$the_search_bar = apply_filters( 'easy-form-content', __($the_search_bar, 'easyreservations'), false);

After this, WPML registered the whole HTML for the search bar, so I managed to translate it. It`s not pretty, but it got me to the goal, and works just fine.

I did not manage to get WPML string translation to work on the search output however (function easyreservations_send_search_callback), so I conditionally loaded variables with appropriate language translations, and printed them each in its own language. I`m still very confused as to why the string translation does not work here (specially because the language tag works fine, obviously the language tag is being registered normally), but I don`t have time to explore further.