Reply To: Wrong price

Hello Feriyaz .

With all due respect , believe me I am primarily interested in solving this problem from day one and my client has even more interest because he paid the premium license for technical support.

If you’re telling me that to update to the beta version all I have to do is upload the files via FTP to the web , that I have done up to 3 times . I am very sure.
And you’re saying that is not installed the beta .
If it was a different version I would not see this new functionality in custom fields
I do not know which server you mean by check . Confirm if that is it by going to the domain

And with all due respect , I have returned to test and still the same problem.

Look this is a book with arrival on April 20 at 12PM costs 2 €
And this is a reservation for April 20 at 12:01 costs 1 €

If I keep insisting on this issue is because my client has caused substantial economic injury until we detected the problem.

Please tell me if you are accessing the correct server.
Use this same test, select and book the room DEMO between 20 and 21 April 2014 , the day shift rate and tell me what you see is correct.

Thank you for your support.
Pedro Telmo