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Not Support EasyFormInnerlay | Reservation successfully sent! EDITING

started by PixelhafenDesign in Bug reports

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Not Support Accept booking only after payment, ignore bookings with no payment

started by vzhilov in Bugs

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Resolved Fixed Price Reservations

started by vikkiwalker in Bugs

3 vikkiwalker
Not Resolved Send Reservation until process of Woocommerce pay is complete

started by fabianvargas in Suggestions

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Not Support Price per day and view reservations panel customization.

started by florianpujol in Support Forum

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Not Support Scrolling in dashbord show bad dates

started by manongiguere in Bugs

5 manongiguere
Not Resolved Mails not sent to client after reservation or approval

started by arthurvandenelzen in Bug reports

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Not Support Scrolling in dashbord show bad dates

started by geemeetheway in Bug reports

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Not Support Automatic reservation approval not working

started by ericlopez in Bugs

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Not Resolved Tour Operator

started by juliastarr in Support Forum

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Not Resolved Can't create a reservation

started by ericmercier in Bugs

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Not Resolved Block specific resource numbers for a resource

started by mariaguzmanlopez in Support Forum

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Not Support Pass COUPON parameter to reservation form?

started by denniscrawford in Coupons

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Resolved Future dates in calendar should be red

started by beattie in Support Forum

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Not Resolved Payment Notifications and Payment not updating in plugin with error email 302

started by jennymarsh in Bugs

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