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Not Resolved Ressouces are deleted automaticly

started by andreasschack in Bugs

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Suggestion Resources sorting

started by redywebs in Suggestions

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Not Resolved Updated Resource Dates won't save

started by raoulboielle in Support Forum

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Not Resolved Calculation on pricing consistently wrong

started by mduckitt in Bugs

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Not Resolved Two separate resource reserve now default to one

started by archieguvi in Invoice

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Not Support Should each room be a resource?

started by michaelnewdow in Suggestions

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Not Support Easy Form – Show only 1 Resource Choice – Not all in dropdown

started by dmmcnulty1101 in searchForm

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Not Resolved Afghanistan, extra fields under Calendar, departure/arrival times

started by Chuc Mason in Support Forum

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Resolved How to order Resources

started by raoulboielle in Bugs

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Resolved Resource Priorities

started by raoulboielle in Support Forum

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Not Resolved Types of rooms

started by franciscogonzalezsillero in 3.3 Pre-Release

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Resolved Limit Amount of pax for adults and kids and Overview dropdown

started by mariaguzmanlopez in Support Forum

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Not Resolved Calendar agenda has no colors anymore

started by de Koff in Bugs

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Resolved Bugs: no Calendar/Resources for non-Admin

started by Chosker in Bugs

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Resolved Dashboard – Resources don't show up (only old ones)

started by eaglehood in Support Forum

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