[3.3 beta 15] Requirement filter

There is a requirement filter that we need to have like this:

IF: someone is booking including at least one of the dates between 13 and 21th April 2014
– Only possible to arrive on friday
– Only possible to depart on monday or friday
– Booking length should be between 3 and 7 days
(so basically it should only be possible to book a whole week or long weekend from the 19th, no other options)

I did the following:
– Add requirement
– Date between 20 and 21 april
– Days between 3 and 7
– Arrival possible on friday
– Departure possible on monday and friday

I do get an error message for the amount of days. But it’s still possible, for example, to book 4 nights from the 19th April 2014 on other arrival days than friday. How is this possible?

Could find the problem and fixed it.
Will be in next beta. (#17)

I have installed beta 20 but the problem is still the same? It just does not give an error when arrival or departure day are invalid.

Works perfectly for me.
Are you sure to installed it correctly?
Connect to your FPT, go to the directory /wp-content/plugins/, delete the folder easyreservations and upload the content of the beta’s .zip file.

I have run a test on my test server, and indeed the arrival day is checked. But the departure day is not yet functioning: for example in this case, booking five days from friday is still (incorrectly) possible, while it should only be possible to depart on monday or friday (3 or 7 days).

Ah, I know why: the AJAX response gives an error that is never shown because I am using the amount of nights instead of a “to” datepicker. It’s not an option to change that, and I would expect the errors are always shown.

OK, I have resolved the problem by intercepting the AJAX response. Maybe it is something to fix for future releases though?

Improved in next beta.

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