3.3 beta 37: searchForm – availability time tags are wrong


when I display the list with the searchForm, it appears that the time tags are wrong

the shortcode that produces this is:
[easy_search style=”1″ theme=”list” submit_button=”Update” reserve_text=”Add Booking” width=”100″ resourcename=”Instrument” start=”1″ searchdirectly=”1″ unavail=”1″ image=”1″ img_x=”100″ img_y=”100″ availability=”1″ more=”0″ content=”500″ calendar=”14″ calendar_mode=”none” form_url=”http://www3.unifr.ch/bioimage/microscopes/booking-system/”]

so the calendar should go over 14 days but the indicated dates have a span of 2 days.

If the resource is in hourly billing mode it shows the hours instead of days. I’ve fixed the bug that it always shows 00h for the next beta.


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