4 problems:

Hi I want to buy the premium version but i want to know if it works.

1) even if i select show calendar in widget, it doesn’t appear.
2) even if the booking is completed, there is an error message for the end user.
3) he form doesn’t respect html code: it skips line and is not aligned.

can I solve those problems?

For 1+2 I need a link.
3. Who cares? And why?

Please see this dumy site I just created to show: http://vacanzeinappartamento.net/

calendar is still big. no matter which % I set;

this is the code in the widget, but the order is not the same in the video (this is what I meant with point 3):
Res: [resources]
Name: [thename]
Email: [email]Country: [country]

Hmm that seems very strange. Please give me admin access so i can see how it reacts to changes. Are you sure that you don’t have two widgets and configure the wrong one?

yes, sure. Where can I send you the login details?


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