Add chareg per day while other calculations are per night

Is it possible to calculate an energy price per day (added as custom field) while other items (custom fields) are calculated by night (which is the same as the biling unit)?

I tried to add 2 conditions to the custom field option, which are both valid in case multiple days are selected:
1) If “Biling unit” >= “1” THEN “40” € per “Biling unit”
2) If “Biling unit” >= “1” THEN “40” € per “–”

But only the last condition is used (I have switched the conditions order also and also then te last condition is used).

I can’t use a second custom field to add the charge, because I want to show the total energy price in the receipt as one value.

Yes, custom fields can only have one final price and two met condition do not add up.
It works that way so you can setup things like “if two persons” then X, “if three persons” then Y without both applying.

I’ve added new options to custom fields and filters to multiply by all the different intervals regardless of current selection.
You can download it from

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