Adding custom services to a resource

Hello easyadmin,
I recently purchased and installed Easyreservation Version: 3.2.4 and I have some questions about.

Question about setup resources
I have 30 apartments to rent. Every appartment is diferent. Ones biggers than others.
I would add a extra prices (for example: cleaning: 50€) with diferent value for every apartment.
1. – Is there a way to add from the resource configuration panel? Like taxes?
2. – Then, how to print in a front page resource?


the only function with different extra prices by resource are conditional price fields.
You can view their documentation here.

As their not easy to set up and a bit messy for 30 resources you could also think about an own form with simple price fields for each resource.


I tried it but it’s not a good idea to have 30 forms, one for each resource. It’s unmaintainable. 🙁

Would be a good idea (suggestion) the posibility to add custom price fields (fixed price or % price) in the setup panel of each resource. Like you can do now with taxes or in the reservation edition panel.

I’ve already started a new function to add and edit custom/price fields in one place with a real GUI and they’ll mire influence on the whole system. It will be update 3.4

Till then you have to use the conditional price fields.


@easyadmin thank’s this is good news!!

Hello! I’m also interested in this feature. Any news on development and timeframe for the new update? I’m currently discussing improvements with a client and I need to know if and when these upgrades are going to be available.

Also, slightly off topic: can you or your team work on developing custom features for individual customers like me? I need a few features for a client and need to know if I can outsource some work to you (which I prefer, since of course no one knows your plugin better!) or if I have do the edits myself (with some reverse-engineering which could take long). Thanks and awesome work!

No further progress was made, but it’s still planned as main feature of 3.4.
As I have no beta testers anymore the release of 3.3 was delayed till enough tested the beta and gave feedback.
Right now I would estimate the end of summer for 3.4.

No, I’m not available for custom works anymore.
But as the code isn’t compiled you won’t have to reverse-engineer it 😉

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