Adding Minimum dates to condition – in premium version?

My client usually has a minimum 2 days stay in their cottage. However at certain times such as Easter she wants people to stay all 4 days so it’s a minimum stay period.

Is there a way to do this in the free version?
Can this be done in the premium version?


In the next version (and the available stable beta for premium users) you can determine the min and max amount of persons and nights per time. Like for the price filters. In addition you can define possible departure and arrival days (mo-su).

Regards feryaz

Thanks for the reply.

Great I look forward to the next version. In the meantime my client has simply put in text above the calendar which dates require 4 days minimum stay.


Did this become possible? I am using version 3.1.4 but cannot find how to add variable minimum stays to individual nights.

The feature is known in the industry as “Variable Minimum Stays” i.e. you can have a different minimum length of stay if any day in a booking overlaps with certain “peak” dates or days. For instance, it is okay to take a one-night booking on weekdays, but during the weekend you ask for a 3-night minimum.

Also, as Karen says, no-one wants to take short bookings in the middle of Easter and other holiday periods, it would ruin your business.

Minimum Variable Stays is an essential feature.

Requirement filters in resources.

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