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I wonder if you can help.

Is it possible to add the custom fields selection to the overlay (ie champagne) and to ensure the form is still populated when clicking make ‘add another reservation’?


No, it isn’t. The reservation is already in the database at that point and more important it would another verification.

Sorry. I don’t understand.

I am trying to ensure that the custom checkbox selection is listed in the overlay and not just added to the room total. I am also trying to avoid the user having to complete the entire form again when they ‘add another reservation’.

OK. I have sorted the booking form by removing a line from the ‘form.js’ file. It now doesn’t reset on ‘add another reservation’. I found this in the forum – thank you.

I would like a user to be able to see what extra (custom costs) they have booked on the form as a separate line in the overlay. Can you help?

That won’t be easy. At the point when adding a new reservation the only thing the script knows about the price Fields of the first reservations is the sum of all. And as the form isn’t the same anymore you can’t get these data from there.
So you’ll have to add a new variable that stores this informations, a function to read that variable and generating the display from that. Form.js is the right file for all of that.

Hi Thanks for your help so far. I have tried to get this to work but without success I am afraid. Do you do customisations (for a fee) or can you give me any more guidance?

No, I’m not offering custom works anymore.
I’m always trying to help with changes, but unfortunately this isn’t done with a few changes. It needs knowledge in javascript, html, css and especially how arrays working. I would need at least half an hour for it too…

OK. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to look for another solution.

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