Additional charge for adults and children – how?


I am trying to set up my price calendar correctly, but can’t find a solution to one issue, maybe someone here could help, please?

What I need is:

1 room has capacity of 2+2 persons, meaning that the room is usually for 2 persons, but there is an option for additional 2 persons for extra charge per person.
If the additional person is an adult the extra charge is 100, if the additional person is a child the extra charge is 50. While if there are only 2 guests (no additional guests) no matter if one of the guests is a child, the price per night should be as usual, with no discounts for children.

Is there any way to setup this using priorities or something like that? Because I already tried different variants, but nothing seems to give this exact result. The filters only allow to use 1 condition (for example, “if the number of guests is____” of “if the number of adults is______”), so I see there is no option to say “if the number of guests is 3 AND 1 of THEM is a child, then …”. Or it is possible to do it using priorities somehow?

Would really appreciate some help! Thanks!

No, that is not possible.

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