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I am using beta 23. Due to custom changes I cannot upgrade to the latest beta. But I have a clean install with this (non custom) beta 23 and it has the same problem. Maybe it already got fixed so do you recognize this or is this still a problem? If it already got fixed, which files have been updated?

There is a filter for amount of adults + time condition: in my case, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and a minimum of 21 adults.

When I book one night from the admin (on the reservation add/edit page) for 22 persons, an extra day is added with a strange date and extra cost but this day should not be there at all. I think this is because the adult filter didn’t get correctly processed in the code but I have no idea where it goes wrong!

It affects the admin price calculation and pricing table. The days and price appear correctly in my invoice.

Please make a screenshot of the edit screen of the reservation with the calculation and one of the resource settings.

OK, here are two screenshots:



Yes, some bugs have been fixed there. You can try to replace the file /lib/classes/reservations.class.php, but I think there were to many changes in between and it’ll cause other problems.

I have been able to replace the reservation class and I haven’t seen large problems so far. But the bug itself has not disappeared. It still treats the [adults] filter as an extra day in the price calculations. What could be other pieces of code that are part of this? I see there has been added an EasyDateTime::createFromFormat function in the price calculation function?

EDIT: I just installed and tested on 3.3 beta 45 and also 3.3.1 and the bug is the same: an extra day is calculated when I use the adults filter for all quarters in the year. Can you fix this and let me know which parts of the code are affected or is there another way to work around this? I have to use the amount of adults option.

Fixed for next beta coming out tomorrow. Required changes are in the reservations class and in lib/modules/invoice/invoice.php.

Thanks! Good news.

Updated the files you mentioned, the invoice looks good! But it still shows a date for the adults filter on the edit page, maybe I need to change another file for that part – the price overview on the edit page? Which file or function is that? (I searched but I could not find it yet)

Maybe try the /lib/functions/ folder. But it should’ve been in the reservations class. It’s in that update for sure.

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