After Adding Filters, Price Calculation/Days Not Working Properly

After adding several filters, our system no longer properly calculates a reservation.

Here is an example:
Filter 1: I have set a 4-day holiday to require a 2-day minimum. [req]
Filter 2: I also have a filter in place that raises the base price during this 4-day holiday. [base]
Filter: 3: I also have a weekend rate in place which adds $20 to each Friday & Saturday. [stay]

I was trying to make a reservation for a guest for one week (Wednesday to Wednesday) which includes this holiday weekend. No matter how many days I try to make this reservation, the system does not calculate all of the dates (only shows four days and miscalculates the weekend up-charge). It seems to hit a limit, then will not function properly. I have tried to change the priority of the weekend and the holiday time filters, but it still will not allow me to add this reservation as an entire week. Even trying to split it up into 2 or 3 reservations, it simply will not calculate the price correctly, nor will it allow certain dates to show in the calculation.

The calendar in the resource admin page shows the correct prices for each day. It just won’t let me reserve an entire week, which spans this holiday in which 3 filters control it AND correctly add the price. If people make their own reservation, the price is not getting calculated right. Big problem.

I’m either doing something wrong in setting up the filters, or the system isn’t working properly. Can you help? Any ideas?

Update to latest There was just an fix to having two time conditions
If that doesn’t help I need admin and FTP access.

Thank you for your help and for replying so quickly. All of the days work now. Great! However, I still have a couple issues I’ve found so far.

1. When editing a resource, I usually use the small calendar to check the prices for each day. However, the calendar will not go to the NEXT or PREV months. It only shows the current month. Any fix for this?

2. The weekend filter does not work properly. If I set the “Unit” and have Friday & Saturday checked, the additional price of $20 is only added one time for the entire reservation. If I also add the “Filter by Condition” the additional $20 gets added for every day of the entire reservation, not just Friday & Saturday. I’ve tried changing the priority, but it doesn’t affect it. Any fix for this?

1. Fixed for next beta.
2. Discounts and extra charges only get applied once. Change base price for that.

Any way I could get the fixed file(s) now? 🙂 I put the system up live and it would be nice to have as soon as possible.

Having to raise the base price on weekends would be okay if I didn’t have special events that already raise the base price. So I’m having to add an additional filter for every special event weekend (with a higher priority) to bump the base price up for each Friday/Saturday. It’s a LOT of filters! I’m glad we only have 6 rooms.

For next version, it would be great to be able to apply a condition of “per day” to the “Extra Charge” filter. Should be easy for a genius like you! 😉

Thanks again for your help.

1. It’s only the calendar when editing resources. You gonna have to wait for the next beta sometime this week.
2. The condition filters have the mode setting with an option for per day.

I will watch for the next beta. I’m now having some additional issues with reservations not showing on the admin calendar as they should. I’ll search the forum to see if I can find a solution before posting a new thread.

Thanks again for replying so promptly.

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