After upgrade to 3.3 Dashboard takes too long to display & only 1 resource shown


I upgraded to version 3.3 today and since then the Dashboard in the admin screen takes ages to show.
Moreover only one (first) Resource is shown in the overview calendar…..
Tried different browsers – the same.
What could be wrong ?

#### Update after a few hours of testing:
The problem happens only when the dashboard calendar is about to show multiple reservations including a reservation that starts before the currently date-range shown by the calendar.
In other words, if there are also reservations with only a few last days shown in the calendar, it takes really, really long to display….
If I move 15 days forward or backward, the calendar is shown swiftly with all the reservations.
I also noticed, that when it takes too long, some reservations are not shown correctly…. 🙁


Thanks for the report. There was a bug with one day of reservations weren’t shown in the same condition a few weeks ago. Seems as the fix for it leads to new problems. But I can’t reproduce it.
If possible please give me admin and FTP access. And a screenshot would be nice.

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