After WordPress update "Resources" disappeared

I made a WordPress update. After that, I don’t see any resources on my form. When I go to the page “Reservations Resources” I don’t see anything. I see resources only in “Post view” mode. They are four rooms. However they don’t appear in forms. I don’t understand what happened and how I can fix it.

Update from which version to which?
Do you use a multilingual plugin?

Hello and thanks for your reply.
I updated WordPress from 3.4 to 3.5.1–en_US.
I use a multilingual plugin: WPML Multilingual CMS, but I use this plugin since months and so far it worked perfectly.

I don’t know what’s the problem, it were never reported and I’m sure to say it isn’t related to easyreservations. Only thing I notice is that the WPML I develop with right now is version 2.7.1. Maybe try to update it and set it’s default language again.

If I deactivate WPML, I can see the resources again.
Activating it, resources disappear.
However, before WordPress update, WPML and EasyRes worked well together.

Probably your version of WPML isn’t compatible to wordpress 3.5.1 anymore.
Did you tried to update it?

WPML works. I have a free version, updating costs.
I changed “Resources” in Multilingual Content Setup in WPML from “do nothing” to “translate” and now I can see resources again.
So it’s resolved.
Only, the buttons (e.g. “book now”) in Easy Res looks a bit different (black, not grey). I don’t understand why, but it’s a detail.

Changed to resolved

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