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Hi Feryaz,

When I fill in the price what already has been paid (dashboard>edit reservation>Status&Price) it shows for example 12,5 percent. When I go back to the dashboard it shows 13 percent instead of the 12,5 percent. Can you disable a cut back, so that it just shows the 12,5 percent?
It’s not a big issue but maybe you can fix this when you have time for it…


Paid is an money amount and can’t filled with percentages.
In addition don’t use comma for float values, always use the point. 12.5

No, I meant I filted in the paid amount (€) that was 12.5% of the total amount. In the the edit guest screen it shows 12.5% but on the dashboard 13%.


Will be other rounding rules. Probably I’ve chosen the proper one for the available space.

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