Always add VAT to prices

I was using the free version 5.0.11, it works fine and I am satisfied. However, it causes conflicts with the latest versions (currently 5.9.1) of WordPress.
So I’m testing the free version 6.0-alpha.23 on a clean WordPress 5.9.1 (only Twenty Twenty-Two, Easy WP SMTP, Imsanity and easyReservations. Nothing else). I decided to make a new WP because the changes between 5.0.11 and 6.0-alpha.23 are too big.

I have found a bug:
it does not work well with VAT included, although I mark in Settings –> Tax –> Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax (and all other options selected as VAT included), it shows the prices in the calendar adding VAT. In addition, since VAT in Spain is 10%, it shows €82 instead of €82.50, which would be correct.

Only if I uncheck General –> Enable tax rates and calculations shows prices on the calendar without adding VAT.

(Translated with Google Translate)

Thanks for the report, will be improved in the next update.

For the price format you can define how it gets displayed in the general settings.


Thanks for your answer.
Some other bug:

Resource ordering doesn’t change in “Catalog” even though I change it in Customizer–>easyReservations–>Resource Catalog–>Default resource sorting
EDIT: I’ve already ordered the resources in the post view. They are now in the order I want.

I am translating the most urgent into Spanish from Spain, thinking of the users.
With Poedit I opened easyreservations.pot file, added my translations, got easyreservations-es_ES.po /
Then I uploaded both files (Filezilla) to
/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/i18n/languages and… everything still comes out in English! My translations didn’t work, or what else do I need to do?

Thanks greetings.

I have set up a hotel with rooms, apartments and a rural tourism cottage; 5 resources in total.

I have added filters with base price change for mid seasons and high seasons.

I have also added several unavailability filters, at different times of the year.

Rooms can be booked with breakfast, multiplying the price of breakfast by the number of people and adding breakfast to the price of the room.

Also, in 2 types of rooms I have managed to add the price of an extra bed based on the number of adults and children, and add it to the price of the room, without the user having to do anything (this field for the extra bed is hidden ).

So the installation is already complex…

This means that I have several bugs to submit, and it’s a problem to do so in this forum because I have to wait for your response or open a new thread. Also, I can’t submit images / videos.

Please write to my email (outside the forum) and I will reply to that email address to send you bugs.

easyReservations is a good plugin, and you and I together will make it even better.

Thanks greetings.

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