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Is it possible to auto select today’s date in my forms?
When i open the form page the arrival date is set to the next day (i can only set the date with the + not the – or “today” or something like that).
The widget arrival date is standard set to today’s date, so i want this also for the form page.

This is the information on the easyreservations website:
“Form fields
Arrival Date [date-from]
A text field with datepicker that represents the day of arrival. The value=”” attribute can be a date like 22.10.2012, a number with a + plus before for today plus number days like +5 or empty. ”

Thanks, Niek

Try [date_from value=”+0″]

Thanks for your quick reply but it doesn’t work…
When i paste change it “+0” it shows +0 in the datefield..

Any other suggestions?

Will work in next update or current beta for premium members.

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