Authentification required for admin_ajax.php in frontend

Hi, I’ld appriciate to use your premium features, but I can’t even use your current free module because:

Our WP-Admin-System is, for old reasons, secured behind a simple HTTP Basic security with usernames and passwords. Therefor we can’t integrate your calendar in the open area of the web. Are there any possibilities to use
http://*/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/js/ajax/send_calendar.js?ver=3.5.1 without the need of

–data “action=easyreservations_send_calendar&security=d288d1f8db&room=3193&date=0&where=shortcode&atts”%”5Broom”%”5D=0&atts”%”5Bdate”%”5D=0&atts”%”5Bresource”%”5D=3193&atts”%”5Bwidth”%”5D=95&atts”%”5Bstyle”%”5D=1&atts”%”5Bprice”%”5D=1&atts”%”5Bheader”%”5D=0&atts”%”5Breq”%”5D=0&atts”%”5Binterval”%”5D=1&atts”%”5Bmonthes”%”5D=1&atts”%”5Bselect”%”5D=2&atts”%”5Bnotax”%”5D=0&atts”%”5Bid”%”5D=38558” –compressed

If you’ll send me an Email, I’ll give you the real-live-example-URL to check.



No, that is not possible.

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