Automatic price calculation problem for the Advance booking + nomal booking

could you kindly check my site:
If I choose check in 30.10.2014 and check out 01.11.2014. the correct sum should be 810+769.50=1579.50. But it is 1620.
a screenshot of the resources settings´╝Ü

Please make the reservation and look at the calculation when editing/viewing it as admin to understand what happens. Unfortunately these Chinese makes it a bit hard to read for me.

I have checked the editing/viewing. If I set 5% off for booking 3 days in advance, today is 22/12/2014, people make a booking from 25/22/2014 to 27/22/2014, two nights. the calenda display RMB638 for 25/22/2014, RMB606 for 26/22/2014(5% off). But people can’t get the discount for 26/22/2014. from the viewing, it display people will get 638X2, not 638+606 which display on calenda. I think it will make confused for customer. because customer can’t get the price from the calenda.

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