Availability Calender not showing up

Hey there,

I have just installed this – sof ar really awesome – plugin yesterday and am now struggeling to get the availability calender to show up.
When I try to insert the calender using the shortcut with basically everthing set to default nothing will happen.
Are there any known bugs or issues that could be related to this?

Debugging is pretty much not possible since it’s just nothing happening

Note an den Entwickler:
Könnte man nicht wenigstens Deutsch mit als Default anbieten, wenn das Englische schon mit Fehlern gespickt ist? :/

I have the same problem.
The Javascript Console of Chrome replies with:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined [https://piratentechnik.de/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/js/ajax/send_calendar.js?ver=3.2.4:89]

That line says:
var tsecurity = document.CalendarFormular.calendarnonce.value;

My code on the page is as follows:
[easy_calendar resource=”1138″ width=”100″ style=”1″ price=”0″]

My WP version is 3.6, ER version is 3.2.4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please a link to the page.


the link is as follows:

The Calendars are supposed to show up inside the spoilers, problem is the same without spoilers.
I found out that it only happens when you try to show more than one availability calender per site – if you only have one calendar on the page, everything is fine.

Only get a 404.

Sorry, fail.

Password is DEBUGme

It works fine with one calendar per page, but two calendars only create Javascript fuckup 🙁

Our Availability Calender doesn’t show either on out testing site. The widget calander doesnät show either.

links to calanders http://billigtloshar.se/availability and

The calendar can just be used once per page.

Seems like your theme doesn’t use wp_footer() to generate the footer. That way plugins can’t hook in their scripts and styles. Contact the theme developer and ask for a fix or include wp_footer() yourself after the closing /body tag most likely in the footer.php

in the footer.php there here a proper wp_footer but in some other files the get_footer where missing. Iäve added it now and nothing changed

It doesn’t work with twentythirteen either

Thanks for your reply.
Can/will this be changed in future versions?
This would be a rather useful feature 🙂

it was nextgen gallery that casued the problem. The search box isn’t visible though.

You need to enter the pattern for it in the general settings. Should have a default one through.

It’s on my list, but not in the near future.


The default didn’t work for us for some reason so I used an old one so now it works

Hey easyadmin,

is there any way to embed the calendar, that is displayed on the admin interface, on a public page?
That would be a good alternative, to show our users, which stuff is available, and which not, without making one page per item.

Any chance on that?

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