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Hope you are well. I have updated easyreservations to the latest version 5.0.8 however the backend apperance (stylesheets) seems to be distorted i.e

The core menus (General, Form,Custom, Email etc) appear vertically instead of horizontal and editing any of the settings becomes a graphical challenge

Kindly assist.

Is it the same on the demo for you?

Which browser do you use?

Can you please make a screenshot?



Please use the below link to view the requested information i.e. browser information and screenshots (which are different from


Please send me admin access to


I updated to easyreservations 5.0.9 and the stylesheet is sorted in the backend.

For the default widget (visible on the front end) , the drop down menu is still not visible and i have copied ‘Default widget’ from

See below link

I have send the admin credentials as requested


For me the website loads slow so i can really see my select and then how another script tries to change it, but it vanishes instead. It’s your theme. Ask the theme developer for help or switch.

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