Big problem with availability

Hi!, I am having a big trouble with reservations of resources and its availabilities.

As you can see here, the “hourly calendar” shows the availability of the resource from 12:00 to 15:00 (example), but when I select them, the form says it’s not available, as shown here.

The resources list says the status of the item is full with a number I really don’t undersand: 1.53/1 (???!!!??), as shown here: here. Please tell me what does it mean.
When I edit the resurse this info is shown: see picture.

Help me, please, I tried everything (delete the resource, create it again, etc), with no results.

Thank you in advance.

Have you enabled “use time for resources” in the main settings? Is the resource set to hourly?
First will affect the error shown and display the hour too. The last will change how the resource gets checked. In daily billing mode it only checks each 24h which means the unavailable hour makes the whole day unavailable.

Yes, I enabled “use time for resources” (isn’t it the default option?) but I don’t know what it means. Please tell me, the manual does not say a word about it. Please tell me also what does the number shown in “Status” mean: “1.53/1”
My resource was set to daily, I chaged to hourly and seems to work, thank you!

My little problem now is that hourly calendar does not show minute availability, only an orange square is show, but the user can not know the exact minute he can pick the resource in the form. Is there any way to show exactly the hour and minute the resource is reserved?

Thank you very much!

You mean the status in the resources overview? If I remember right that’s a real basic how many reservations are active right now.

No, there’s no way to show the minute, as that would need to much loading time.

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