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The Booking form on my site doesn’t look great. You can see it here:
“Arrival” is too high and not quite beside the empty field, Accomodation, Country and Message are too close to the empty field. What can I do to improve it? Also, I’d like to change the button at the end in BOOK NOW instead of SEND.

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1. Before arrival there’s an empty space.

2. I’d remove text-align: right; /css/forms/form_none.css?ver=3.5 around line 8

3. You can do so under settings -> form

I’ve removed text-align: right but nothing changed.

This is how it looks on the form editor (I just copied the first lines): it doesn’t seem to be an empty space before arrival. It looks identical to me to the line for departure.

Price per Apartment![show_price style=”float:right;”]



[date-from style=”width:75px”]


[date-to style=”width:75px”]



No, the text-align is still set in the file mentioned.

In the form settings click on the send button tag to change it’s value.

No I’m sorry but I have done exactly as you’ve said.
2. I’d remove text-align: right; /css/forms/form_none.css?ver=3.5 around line 8

I’ve deleted any line where “text-align: right” appears, and nothing changed.

It looks pretty ugly, I have a premium account, any way you can look into the cpanel yourself if I privately send you the access?

Now I can see that the line is deleted. The only thing left is a space between “7 Nights” and Arrival which should be under Settings -> Form.
Do changes in a text editor and upload them with a ftp programm, cpanel should only be used for looking things up.

Ok Thank you, It looks fine now. Just an additional question. I would like to change the font in the form using the font that is currently used for the body text in the homepage. How can I do that?

With stylesheets.

Hello again,

If you see on the website now, if I try to change the departure and the arrival date to get a stay longer than 2 days I get NaN.NaN.NaN. on the arrival/departure field. Why is that? How can I fix it?

That is funny. It doesn’t always do that, and I was using Chrome, but in Safari is alright. But in both browsers a dialogue box opens saying: “No Room Field – Correct that” and I close it, and more again saying “No Name…No Email…No Arrival”. I imagine it would be annoying for a customer to see that when they open the page…

No idea. It can’t find the field while it’s there. What did you change when it happened first?

Nothing except I’ve done what you said to get the “Arrival” label aligned to the field.

Now the problem has stopped. I have no idea why. I think is because I’ve tried to make a reservation test and it didn’t work because it doesn’t recognize the arrival time. It says “Errors found in the form
There is a problem with the form, please check and correct the following:
Arrival only possible from 14:00” But I’ve set 14pm to 23pm on the resource and I’ve selected 15pm on the test. How could it be that?

I’ve seen on the Search in the forum that other two people had a similar problem but you didn’t give them instruction but asked for their FTP details, I’m gonna send you mine and you decide if you can look into it yourself or send me instructions.


I ask for FTP data when I think it’s a bug of my software. As I’ve seen your website without this problem I know it came from some form of change. Please upload default easyreservations again to override all changes, switch to standard theme and deactivate all other plugins. If it’s still happening then I can go into debugging and find it, but right now it can have to many reasons.

How do I add 2Checkout payment details? If I fill all the fields I get a 406 error page. The Id is the account id number right? Doesn’t it require any API keys?

You get an 406 error on the payment settings after clicking on save?
No, but you have to enable and fill a setting on itself.

Yes, I do get the 406 error and yes I filled the setting i should set on 2checkout still get the error

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