Booking system suddenly stopped working

Hi, I’ve set up a site around your booking system at and now it’s suddenly not working – please help. Reservation requests used to appear on the dashboard, now they don’t. Also the calendar keeps switching to 1970. I can see, for example, under the ‘e’ at the top menu that I have 4 bookings/bookings requests but they are not visible. I can see previous bookings on the calendar (but not new bookings or requests). Also, under the calendar, there used to be a list with all the bookings & pending booking requests – that’s gone. Everything was working fine before. Please advise, thank you so much.

Are you on the latest update 3.6.4?

Thanks for your reply. I’m actually on 3.5.1. If I upgrade, do you think that might fix it? Will I lose saved data – eg pricing structures etc when I upgrade? Thank you!

Yes, that’s why I know you are not on the latest 😉
No you wont lose any data.

Ah! Thanks v v much. All working again now. 🙂

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