Bug in calendar in 3.5.1 beta

Hi Admin!

I upgraded a working plugin to version 3.5.1 beta and found a some strange fields in the calendar. In dashboard and calendar these dates (5.12-6.12) look as follows:
But there is a free room and cell in the calendar should be yellow! And when ordering, in addition to the strange display, the date 6.12 is not available for booking.

The situation is repeated for January 10-11. See image:

Can you help me with this problem?

Thanks for reporting. It’s beta and will get improved till release. If I can’t reproduce it I’ll ask you for access.


Not from good life I had to put the new version. In the old was an error with Paypal “Error with PayPal IPN Callback” fixed in beta. Paypal is more important than a small bug in the calendar.

OK, I’ll wait. When problem will be solved – please inform in this topic. If you need to access – ask for it by mail baburrus@gmail.com
Thank you.

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