Bug in calender and in applying a condition filter

As you select the different room options (Room 1,2 or 3) the calenders/rooms change thier prices. The room prices are all different and we don’t want the room prices to change.

My word press details are :
Re: web site is : http://www.skiplayers.com/wp-admin
User name is : admin
Password is : SkiPlayers

Problem two: Trying to add a discount to (If the guest reserves 7 days before his arrival the base price changes to)
Rather than change the price for the next 7 days, the system is changing the pricing PROCEEDING the next 7 days and then for the rest of the month.

Also I wish to have a condition on the coupon being (-60% but up to the value of $1500) in other words capping the use of the coupon based on a dollar rate and then the cost reverting back to normal rates once the cap of $1500 in discounts is reached and the coupon is then void.
Is this possible?

Also is it possible to have a calender that shows all rooms and the calender in the one table

1. There’s no function for the form to update multiple calendars or choose the right out of multiple ones. It’s though to be used with one calendar.
2. Can’t login with that data.
3. When you change the base price with a filter it get’s applied to all days within it’s condition. You need to add a second filter changing it back.
4. No, there’s no calendar showing multiple resources in one.


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