Bug in the filter use of the reservation resources


First of all, we want that the client would have the possibilitey to pay less money when they book on the same day of the reservation.
In order to do this, I tried to add a filter by condition and by price.
See http://screencast.com/t/L0FRW41h
And you can see that however the unit billing is “hour”, it saves it as “day”.
Moreover, I tried to add the time condition, so the client will benefit of the discount if he reserves the same day.

Otherwise, you can see in the image above that the hourly rate is not the right one (45 euros). How did it calculate this amount (840 euros)?
In the form, I add the unit field [hidden units 1 value=”1″ title=”Heure”]
See http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/img/53e87e31925082-21424466

Please advice!

Thanks a lot!

The Day meas billing times.

45 * 24h = 1080
10 * 24h = 240
1080 – 240 = 840

It’s totally correct after your settings.


That does not explain why if I select:
Filter by condition
Type: hours between reservation & arrival
Condition 5 hours
mode: price per billing hour

So my filter shows: the guest reserves 5 days before his arrival the price decreases by /day !!!!!


Here are some screenshot to make it more clear:

Thanks !

The days there means billing times. It’s a bug.
But the calculation should still be correct.

OK, but we wish to reserve also for a SPECIFIC AMOUNT of hours and not necessarily for the whole day (24hrs).

Do you understand what I mean?
Because that’s something I asked before I bought the template, my business is working like this: someone can book a room for a few hours during the day and not necessarily for the night or the whole day (24hrs).

What should I do?

You mix to topics. The filter is about prices and your request about booking requirements. You can define the maximum hours and the time when the guest can book on the right side of the resources settings. I close this now, as it’s no bug report.

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