BUG? Required checkbox still not validating


I downloaded the latest version and I’m testing it.
I know that you’ve had to change things (I read your blog post) but I was going through this issue back on July 1st when the forums were open to everyone.

I still don’t get an error message when the required checkbox is empty.

Should an error message appear like when a name is left blank?

Is there anything else I need to do to get the required checkbox to work?

My old link (which I don’t have access to now) was:

I would love to upgrade to premium membership but like yourself my income isn’t what it was. I charge A$300 a website and the cost of premium membership is A$145 which I can’t pass on to my customers. If I knew I could get some more customers doing this kind of holiday website then I would definitely pay for premium membership but so far this is the first.

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Any idea of what I’m doing wrong since I can’t get this bug fix to work?
Do you think I should completely un-install and re-install again? I simply performed the upgrade.

I really want this to work since I’ve spent a lot of time on this now and it’s exactly what my client is looking for except I can’t get the customised field to validate.

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Doesn’t it require before submit or after?

When I submit the form and the required checkbox is blank then it isn’t validated and so doesn’t give an error.

Do I need to specify somewhere that the checkbox should NOT be blank?

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Is there any update to this? Do you need some screens to check or anything?
My client would really like this checkbox working so that if it’s blank when the customer submits the form then an error is shown (just like when a date is blank).

I thought the last update was meant to fix this but I haven’t seen any change.


Thanks for fixing this.
This is now RESOLVED.
I just updated to the latest version and this is working.

It’s the best free one I can find for reservations for those that don’t want to take bookings online.
I’ve already rated this plugin very high on WP.


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