Bug with Captcha or Submit button ?

hello, when we fill the form and there is an error in the Captcha, the error message appears good. But we can no longer send the form with the corrected Captcha. The “Submit” button does not work anymore. We must refresh the page and once again fill the form

That bug is fixed in the latest beta for premium members and will be fixed in the next public update. That will probably come early next week.
Just remove the captcha until then.

I did a test on your demonstration site: “http://demo.easyreservations.org/custom-fields/”
where the premium modules are enabled, and that does not work either.
And there are also other bugs:
– the logo (e) in “wp admin bar” only appears if you are on an easyreservation configuration page
– in the easyreservation dashboard, the check boxes to select everything do not work.

The demo is running on the latest public version.
You could download the beta here

easyReservations Beta

Both bugs fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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