Calendar did not work, form unpresentable… оur update

Good afternoon.

On the site of our hotel (based on WordPress 4.9.1) installed module easyReservations (Version 4.0.)

After the last updates, the module began to look very unpresentable, the form fields floated, the calendar did not work at all: neither when selecting a date, nor for displaying busy numbers.

Please help me on solving these problems. Thank you before!

There’s a new form structure. You’ll have to adjust your form to it or make it again from the new default.
As you page is filling the whole width I’d also put the form in a container so it’s not as wide.

Thanks for the help. The form will be corrected, but the calendar on the form does not work – nothing happens when you click on the icon.

There are many javascript errors on your page. When I call the calendar manually it works, but the javascript errors prevent the calendar to be called automatically. But that should have nothing to do with the update as nothing there changed.

Please try to open /lib/shortcodes/calendar.php, search for “window” and replace it by “document”.

If that does not help try to disable other plugins and switch to default theme to see if any of those cause it.

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