Calendar & form doesn't show up


I wanted to test the functionality out before I purchased the premium version but for some reason I can’t get the Calendar or Booking form to show up in any posts.

On the page (link below) you can see Calendar: Booking form: where I put the code to display but nothing shows up in the area.
Calendar: [easy_calendar resource=”2037″ width=”100″ style=”1″ price=”0″]

Booking Form: [easy_form booknow style=”none” submit=”Reservation successfully sent” subsubmit=”Please continue by paying through PayPal or enter your credit card details.” credit=”Reservation complete” subcredit=”You’ll receive an email with the reservations details” resourcename=”Booking” price=”1″ pers=”1″ resource=”2037″ multiple=”full” validate=”Reservation successfully verified” subvalidate=”Either make additional reservations or submit”]

Can someone please tell me what I’m missing as I’d really like to implement this product?

Can you try it on a normal page? It seems like the shortcode gets executed but your theme wont prints what it returns. Try if it works with the standard theme as well.

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