Calendar not showing – "-1" displayed instead


Very happy with your plugin, I implemented it on another website. Unfortunalety the calendar does not show. “-1” is displayed instead, which looks a bit strange, but you probably know where it comes from. You can see it at the bottom of this page :

Moreover, on the WordPress interface, the Reservation dashboard does not show: it is completely empty, showing only the title “Reservations Dashboard Add New” but nothing below…

Your feedback will be much appreciated, because it worked perfectly 1 month ago.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback and guidance.


-1 usually is the wordpress login bug that should only happen if you logged out but still have the page open in another window. Maybe some bad caching plugin would tried to do so.

For the admin part try the screen settings on the upper right. Maybe someone deactivated everything.


You are right, when I am logged out with no page open, the calendar does not show at all and nothing is displayed at all (I do not see the previeous “-1”). But unfortunately the calendar still does not show… ;-(

Well, in fact, the calendar show in fact, when I am looged out, ONLY on Firefox, but it still shows nothing on Internet Explorer or Chrome. That’s another symptom that may help you understanding what is happening…

For the admin part, I can see the screen settings links, but one click on this “button” does not show the options. I mean the section does not expand to see all your options… It is strange…

Any suggestion or idea where it comes from. Shall I give you access on the admin side on a private message?



Both are no bugs of the plugin. Try to disable all other plugins and switch to standard theme to see if any of those causing troubles. Update everything to the latest version. Maybe even try a fresh installation on another (local) server to see if that’s the problem. Do that with freshly downloaded files and try after each step when it goes wrong.

Thanks for your feedback.

I inactivated all plugins (except easyreservations of course… 😉 and moved to twenty twelve and twenty thirteen basic themes… But nothing changed…

On the other websites where I use it, that works… it was working for this one, but unfortunately it does not work anymore…

Is this possible that one entry of my customer, with special characters for instance that might have been recorded, when adding a booking, could cause the issue… ?


I just realized that the connection to WordPress using HTTPS is not compatible with Easyreservations, which prevented me from seeing the Easyreservations dashboard for instance. I changed this to HTTP connection and can now see the Easyreservations dashboard with no problem.

My original problem is still not solved as the calendar does not show on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome… Your inputs will be appreciated…

HTTPS and easyreservations have nothing to do with each other. easyReservations just answers requests and doesn’t care which way they came. It’s like easyreservations is a mailbox and you say it’s incompatible to a mailmen just because the mailmen doesn’t deliver your mail.

Something in your wordpress and/or server configuration is wrong. For https the most common is to not enter https:// in the siteurl options in wordpress general settings.

Agree with you. Sorry if I created any misunderstanding saying “not compatible”. I meant there was a conflict, not saying it came from Easyreservations!

Indeed, I solved the whole issue yesterday evening, without forcing HTTPS on the WordPress login page and on the WordPress dashboard (using iThemes Security). Just to share with the ones who might face the same issue 😉

So the issue is solved, nothing related to Easyreservations to make it clear. Thanks again for your help.

I just wanted to clarify it technically if anyone reads it. No need to sorry, this forum is to solve problems and while I wasn’t much of a help that’s done.

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