Calendar not working properly.

Hello guys. I deleted a resource (a room type in this case) and after that operation, the calendar changed a bit. When you first enter the reservations page you can see the calendar displaying red and green bellow the dates instead of just green, as it was till now. And also when someone selects the dates from the calendar the cost is calculated well but the dates from the calendar don’t show up with grey color selected as it used to. This problem appears only when you first enter the reservations page, because if you select another type of room from the room list the calendar changes, only green color, and the period is selected with grey in the calendar as it should. I haven’t changed anything(filters, custom fields or any other stuff) just deleted a room because it was showing twice with different prices (i also don’t know why that happened but it doesen’t matter now). Sorry if my text is too big but i had to explain in order for you to understand the problem (wich is not that big of a problem but people can get confused because of the calendar problems). Thanks guys and hope you can give us some assistance. Have a great day.

Change the default room of the calendar by adding the shortcode again.
The big text is okay, but it’s hard to read without any formation and paragraphs.

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