Calendar problem possible bug

We have a clean multisite wordpress instalation (latest version) and the calendar in easyReservatio addons is not working properly:

We get the following error:

Warning: DateTimeZone::getTransitions() expects exactly 0 parameters, 2 given in /home/oursite/domains/oursite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/lib/classes/reservation.class.php on line 648

Is this somehow connected to WordPress version ? On the same server we used addon successfully with previous WordPress versions, thats why I’m asking.

Thnx in advance.

No. Try to set a timezone in the WordPress main settings. That’s the function used to get differences between summer and winter time.

Hello there again.
Our timezone settings in WP are correctly set. After troubleshooting and looking on other forums we found similar issues so we simply deleted following line:
$transitions = $timezone->getTransitions($arrival, $departure);

From file:

Now everything seems to be working ok, but we have no idea what can this cause long term.

It’ll cause that the duration of reservations that are between timezone changes will be calculated incorrectly.

I’ve got the same problem on updating to the latest version. To resolve the problem you have to use PHP 5.3 (before i used 5.2). The two parameters are new in php version 5.3.

After updating your PHP Version the warning disappear.

Yes, It checks for 5.3 with the next version.
Execpt for a comment the PHP documentation doesn’t even say that the arguments need 5.3.

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