Calendar Widget – Currency symbol on left?

This is by far the best plugin for our needs, but I need to make sure it is perfect before I purchase the full license.

The calendar widget has the UK pound symbol on the right of the prices. I have set the currency symbol to be on the left in the settings but it still appears on the right.

How do I change the symbol to appear on the left as is customary in the UK.

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Unfortunatley there’s no option for that. You’d have to change it in the code.

After some searching I found this in the lib/functions/ajax.php file line no 132. I changed it to this to solve my problem:

if($atts[‘price’] == 1) $formated_price = ‘&’.RESERVATIONS_CURRENCY.’;’.$res->price;

However, I noticed that on line 136 there is an elseif that sets the symbol on the left if the price type==5…

elseif($atts[‘price’] == 5) $formated_price = ‘&’.RESERVATIONS_CURRENCY.’;’.’ ‘.$res->price;

It seems that the code for this is partially implemented already.

I hope this helps other users who need the price on the left.

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