Calender is not showing correct date


We have used the plugin easy reservation but the calender is showing next day on the current date, I meant supost today is 13 of may and day is Tuesday, but calender is showing wednesday.

My site link is

Can anybody help


This line in the themes style.css prevents sundays name from being shown:
.post-more .comments, #easy_overlay_table tbody tr td:first-child, table thead th:first-child{ display:none; }


Thanks It Works! 🙂

But I am now facing another issue, my calender is showing tomorrow date as a active in the white text box, whereas it should show today’s current date. For Example today is 14 of may, but it is showing 15 of may in the white box. Please help how i can resolve this


For me tomorrow is the standard date, but it clearly marks today as present (yellow background)

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