cannot access reservation or dashboard


I started having issues with some reservations where I could not edit them ( a page with “This page is not working” would load) and then everything stoped working. Cannot access Dashboard at all. Only the Setting page is loading. My entire website works fine.

Any idea whats going on?


No, never heard of that. Are you logged in as admin? Does it only affect easyreservations?

Yes, logged in as admin. Only affects easyreservation only. First I could not edit some reservations (some worked) then stopped working on all reservations and then I could not load the main page on easyreservation at all

That sounds very strange. Try to disable other plugins, switch to standard theme and then save the wordpress permalink settings once. If it still happens send me FTP and admin access to

I purchased the premium version again and reinstalled everything and now everything works. Thanks.

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