Cannot add imported reservation from

Whenever I turn on the sync, and add urls from homeaway and airbnb, I get loads of emails due to scheduling conflicts. But, they aren’t really conflicts, because those reservations were added manually to take up the time slot.

How do I turn these emails off?

No, right now there’s no such option but I’ll try to improve it.

I am also getting errors on AirBnb when trying to import from the site.

The error is “We’re having trouble syncing this calendar. Try importing it again.”

When I look at the output of the ICS file, it is displaying within the theme, like an HTML page, the ical data is there, but it should not be within the theme framework like that.

It should look like this:

Try to change your theme to see if it causes it.

I changed the theme, and then it printed without wrapping the theme code around it.

So, how do I fix this?

This is still happening, the theme developer says it is not on their side. I just need it to work.

That’s a lie. Their theme should not apply itself like that and they could do something about it.

However I’ve added that it tries to clear the ouput.

easyReservations Beta


Ok I installed your beta sync module, and now it works!

Thank you so much for your wonderful support, far better than the theme developers.

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