Cannot buy Premium without creating a PayPal account

I’ve tried to buy the Premium version, but the PayPal page forces me to create a PayPal account. Is there a way to avoid that?

Hm. I’ve enabled that everyone can buy, even without a paypal account.
I’ve just seen that they’re working on paypal today, maybe it’s a temporary problem or the option is disabled for your country from paypals side.

What would be your prefered way to pay?
Till now nobody required another way, so I havn’t thought about it much.
Regards feryaz

I’ve tried again today: the PayPal page still asks to create a PayPal account.

The best for me would be to pay via bank transfer (I suppose your IBAN would be enough since I’m in .CH and you are in .DE). If that is not an option then with a credit card. This is for my association Bateau Genève: we’ve created a PayPal account but it may take a while to get it activated, they are very obnoxious with their processes.

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