Can't add reservation : Unknown column 'arrival' in 'field list'

Reservation couldn’t be added. Error: Unknown column ‘arrival’ in ‘field list’

Seems like the installation didn’t happen and there is no/a wrong reservations table in database.
Never heard of an error like that.
Try to delete the wp_reservations database and run the function easyreservations_install();

Or did you an upgrade from <1.8? Then the upgrade script has an error or wasn't called.

I’am getting the same error here (Reservation couldn’t be added. Error: Unknown column ‘arrival’ in ‘field list’) and cleaned the DB, but still doesnt work.
Is there a solution

In the wp_reservations table is there a column named arrival? Or better make a screenshot of it.

Hi, no there is no column in wp_reservations with name Arrival.

Then add it manually, must be integer with the length 12. You can give me access if you’re not sure how.
Really weird that this happens to two of thousands users. Or was this an update and not a fresh installation?

PS: A column named departure must be there at well.

EDIT: Turned out it was a update from 1.1.2 from that almost no code is left in the current version. Somehow the upgrade script didn’t worked at all and as there were only test reservations I’ve simply uninstalled it and installed the actual version.

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