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Running version 3.3.1 (just upgraded) – I can’t seem to update now the start time the way I want. I want to modify a reservation where the start time is 0.30 am. I want to change it to 9.30 am but it’s not working. When I save it it goes back to 0.30. Same behaviour occurs for all reservation as long as I have a start date prior to 9.59. If I set 10 am and above it’s working great and it lets me saves it!

The possible arrival/departure time for my resource is 0 to 23 so I don’t the problem comes from this setting.

Any tips on this bug?

Please a link to the form.


The link is this one:
The front-end seems to work just fine. It’s just in the back-end where I can’t input/modify any start hour prior than 9.59 am.

Should I give you the admin access in private?


Sorry, I though you mean the form. I could find and fix the bug. Will be included in next mondays beta.

Could you please confirm when you found the issue and the new version is released? Thx.

It’s out.

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