Cant see created ressources

hello, I have installed easyReservations 3.1 – 15.09.2012 (is this beta?) and when I create ressources I can not see them on the ressources list. They only appear on the post view. Any idea? I havent created anything yet, should I reinstall?
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Do you use WPML? If yes, what is the standard language?

WPML is activated. Standard language is english.

Add the resources through the post view.

Hello. Creating from post view doesnt help. The property doesnt appear on the ressources list so it is not possible to edit prices, pictures or occupation after creating. Creating from ressources list makes possible to define prices etc once. But after that, it is not possible to edit because you dont have the icons on the ressources list to enter the edit mode.

The problem was wpml.
I had to activate translations. See pic.
Easyadmin helped me.

Hello Hannogallinger

i have the same problème . i can’t create a new ressource visible . A ressource visible on the list ressource
This is a really big problem for me .
But i think the better is to choice a new translate pluggin because EasyReservations is a very cool.
Have you a suggest EasyReservations ?


as you see the topic is months old and was resolved.
Did you looked on the screenshot in his last post and is this checkbos checked on your webiste?
Do you use WPML?

Yes i use WPML but i desactivate the plugin .
I m looking for an another plugin witch will be compatible with easy

thank sorry for lost time

WPML is fully compatible.

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