Captcha error for correct entry

Twice I got an error “Errors found in the form … Veuillez entrer le captcha correct (please enter a correct captcha)”.
The letters in captcha and besides it are identical (I got a screen capture, but can’t send it here). I’m not sure when this occurs, but perhaps after a missing entry in another field. I suppose that internally the form got a new captcha, but it didn’t show it up on the screen.
Is there a possibility to have a button to change captcha? that would not really solve the problem, but help. In my case, I had to go off to another page and come back to have a new captcha and retype all the other entries.

No there’s no such function, but you can deactivate the captcha function completely. It only makes sense if a bot is trying to make reservations which I never heard of.

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